The following charitable organizations share our passion and want to make their resources available to you.

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, Inc. (BCI) will use the grant to provide education regarding breast health to people and support services to newly diagnosed women. BCI will distribute bras and breast prostheses to women who cannot afford them. Through our Faith on the Move program we will continue to make mammograms accessible to women. Our mission is to impact the St. Louis Metropolitan community through Education, Awareness, Resources, and Support concerning breast health, breast cancer and breast cancer prevention and screening. Our goals are to increase the rate of mammography screening, clinical breast exams and breast self-awareness among African American women residing in North St. Louis City and County; to decrease the incidence of late stage breast cancer in the target population; and to increase the availability of breast cancer information, resources, navigation assistance and support to under-served women in the St. Louis community.

The Empowerment Network

This grant will be used to heighten awareness of prostate cancer and its related cancers, increase PSA testing and follow-up screening, provide treatment, referrals, education, resources and support, increase volunteerism, and reduce prostate cancer deaths.

Lung Cancer Connection

Lung Cancer Connection’s mission is to raise awareness, increase patient and family support, and to advocate for greater funding for lung cancer research, screening, and treatment.  We are focused on increasing lung cancer survivorship in the St. Louis region and across the state of Missouri.   

Lung Cancer Connection’s mission is to raise awareness, increase patient and caregiver support, and advocate for the prevention, early detection, treatment, and research of lung cancer. We are focused on decreasing new lung cancer cases, detecting it earlier, and increasing the number of lung cancer survivors.   

Funds from St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer are used to support our patient port pillow and resource bag program.  Lung Cancer Connection provides free port pillows and resource bags to newly diagnosed lung cancer patients through local hospital cancer centers and other locations.  They can also be mailed.  Port pillows protect a patient’s port from the car seat belt and the resource bags provide them with much needed information and support.  This grant is used to help pay for these resources.


Mercy Hospital St. Louis, David C. Pratt Cancer Center, Preventive Screenings and Integrative Therapies

Mercy offers preventive screenings for all major types of cancer, recognizing that early detection often leads to better outcomes.  Mercy also recognizes that recovery from cancer treatment is a journey experienced differently by each person.  Mercy's integrative therapies aid fighters and survivors of cancer in their personal journeys of healing, increasing strength and energy, and enhancing functionality for daily living.

Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD) -Washington University School of Medicine

The Program for the Elimination of Cancer Disparities (PECaD) has worked with several community organizations to increase awareness of cancer prevention and provide education in the St. Louis region. Specifically, our Prostate Cancer Community Partnership (PCCP) comprised of prostate cancer survivors, community members, researchers, and physicians, meet monthly to plan outreach activities, and inform ongoing prostate cancer research. The PCCP has coordinated a number of free PSA screenings in the past year through community education and health fair events. At each event, men are educated on prostate cancer risk and provided information on cancer resources in the community.

Missouri Baptist-Cancer Prevention

Your generous assistance allows us to continue undeterred in our efforts to study ways to prevent cancer, or detect it earlier, at its most treatable stage.

St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness

St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness is committed to impacting ovarian cancer survivorship by promoting awareness of early warning signs and standards of care, funding ovarian cancer research, and supporting survivors. SLOCA is the only non-profit organization in the St. Louis metro area whose sole focus is to increase ovarian cancer survivorship. SLOCA's extensive Awareness Program reaches individuals through direct contact, newspaper, online articles, and TV & radio broadcasts. SLOCA volunteers attend area health fairs, festivals, workshops,community events and corporate wellness days sharing relevant materials. SLOCA conducts a medical education program called Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women's LivesTengaging medical students, nurse practitioners, physician assistant students, and resident doctors. SLOCA Volunteer Ambassadors visit every gynecology/oncology office in the St Louis area delivering over 200 "Sister Boxes," one for every newly diagnosed ovarian cancer patient. The boxes are packed with comfort items helpful during treatment and follow-up care, and link the women to referral and support services available through SLOCA. The women are given tools to help cope with treatment options, side effects, and the trauma and stress of having cancer.

The Saint Louis University Cancer Center’s Prostate Cancer Education and Screening Program

Funds from the St. Louis Men’s Group Against Cancer will provide free PSA tests for to up to 220 men, all of whom will also receive post-screening follow-up letters, along with personal, follow-up phone calls and support, if needed.